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ABB 266PSH Gauge Pressure Transmitter

ABB 266PSH Gauge Pressure Transmitter, 0.24 and 24 bar, 4, 1/2 NPTF, 316L SST

ترانسمیتر فشار نسبی 266PSH اِی بی بی

Measurement type: Gage

Measuring Range: 0.24 and 24 bar

Transmitter output: 4

Process connection: 1/2 NPTF

Wetted parts material: 316L SST

Sensor fill fluid: Silicone

Housing material: Aluminum

Electrical Connection: M20 x 1.5

Ex Certificate: Yes

Material Certificate: Yes

NACE Approval: Yes

Display: Yes

Mounting Bracket: Yes

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